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Instead of fish this week, lets go over a popular question I get a Lot.

How to keep crickets alive. Here are some good tips. Use the biggest container you have room for.

Be sure to put toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes into the cage so the crickets are not on top of each other.

Feed some type of cricket food. There are many varieties available. Most are a gel, which is their food and water.

You can throw a potato in for them to eat and for moisture but there isn’t a lot of nutrition in a potato, so still feed some of the crickets food.

Keep crickets away from extreme heat or cold. They don’t like it too hot and they hate the cold too. Crickets dehydrate easy so be sure to supply them with a small dish of water. However if you are using the cricket gel,then you shouldn’t need a dish of water. Sometimes in the winter people buy crickets and when they get home, they look dead. Sometimes if you put the crickets in a warm place, they will actually start moving again and will revive.Also if you are dusting crickets with calcium powder to feed your lizard, only dust the crickets you are going to use.The powder clogs the crickets airways and they will only live a short time after you dust them.

That’s pretty much it. Follow those few things and you should have better luck with the crickets surviving.

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