Today is All that Matters; Part 1

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We’ve all heard the question; ‘How would you live your life today if you knew today was going to be your last?’. People tend to answer with bucket list type responses and wildly imaginative activities.

I would assert that a more meaningful question to work with is; ‘How would you live your life today if today is all that Matters?’

When we Pause to Ask ourselves this question, responses tend to be more centered around ways of being that we cherish feeling such as; ‘I’d want to live my day as kindly as possible’ or ‘I’d be more present with my family members and less busy’ or ‘I’d want to feel connected to the people I interact with regularly’.

We are hard wired to Connect and to feel Connection with others. We yearn to feel Purposeful and long for kind Connection with others more than anything else, which is the experience of living in Fulfillment & Balance.

When we tend to our Bodies, daily, with Nourishment (nutrients & movement), when we tend to our Minds, daily, with stimulation that grows us, and when we tend to our Core of Being (some would call this the Heart or Soul) with inspired ways of creating or offering to others, -daily- we FEEL to be our most balanced, vibrant best. When we feel our best, we have the greatest possible chance of Being our best, with ourself and in relationship with others.

The common denominator in the equation of Fulfillment & Balance is ‘DAILY’. Tending to the Body, Mind, & Core of our Being, daily, is the Key that so often gets ‘sold out’ due to our extremely busy lives.

For the next two weeks, I invite you to track in a journal, each day, simply where you consciously nourished your Body, Mind, and Being. What patterns begin to emerge? What aspects do you tend to effortlessly? Where do you sabotage yourself? What roadblocks do you encounter? What is the effect of tending to all three in one day?

We’ll continue with this as Part 2 in the next issue…!

Written by Daniela Hess, YogaFarm Director, Counselor, and Radiance Course Educator. For more information about self care practices, visit

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