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One of the more unusual fish in the tropical fish industry is the Ghost catfish otherwise known as the glass cat, or phantom catfish.

It is a  small species of Asian glass catfish. This is a transparent freshwater catfish with two long barbels. Standard lengths may range up to 3 inches but usually only reach around 2 and a half inches. They are transparent because, like all catfish, they are scaleless, and these catfish lack body pigment. Most of their organs are located near the head; with a magnifying glass, their heart can be seen beating. When the light strikes the fish just right, it can create an iridescent rainbow color. After death, they turn milky white.

Native to rivers in Thailand, these catfish prefer tanks with open swimming areas with a moderate current, and planted areas to provide shelter. They are timid and non-aggressive fish. I notice that they like to hang out where the filter water goes back into the tank, proving that they do like a current of water. Ghost catfish are highly sensitive to changes in water quality. They like temps of around 77 degrees and like to be in groups.

They live in the mid- to upper region of the water. Ghost catfish commonly favor dark places to being out in the open light. A small school of them may hide in the corner of your tank near the filter. However, one or two may venture out into the open and swim in the upper level of the water. They do like a well planted tank so give them plenty of decorative aquarium type items.

They are bred in numbers in outdoor ponds in Southeast Asia for trade. I usually have no problems feeding them flake food and they usually like freeze dried bloodworms a lot.

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