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Pond season fast approaching. Most pond fish breeders say that Memorial day is the official kickoff of pond season.

You want your water to warm up a bit before adding your fish. Fish that have been inside may not be ready for that chilly water yet. When you do take your pond fish back outside, be sure to float them in a bag for only 5 minutes.

This will help them adjust to the cooler water.

Avoid overstocking the pond. To maintain healthy fish and clear water, do not overload the ecosystem with too many fish. For a new pond, a good rule of thumb is one inch of fish per square foot of surface area. Once the pond is built, pond owners can add a few fish at a time over a 30-day period, allowing time for the pond and filter to be biologically ready to support the additional aquatic life. A mature pond can support two to three inches of fish per square foot. If your fish population exceeds these guidelines, you may need to increase the size of your filter.The following are good fish for ponds.

Comets, one of the most popular types of goldfish, have long slender bodies and are typically solid orange and metallic in appearance. Shubunkins have longer, thinner bodies and are typically shaped like the common goldfish.They are primarily bred for their beautiful colors.

Koi:are ornate cousins of the carp family and can be easily identified by their whiskers. Their vivid coloration, striking patterns, longevity and impressive size make them popular pets. Standard Koi colors are black, white, yellow, orange, blue or red.Other koi types are,Taisho Sanke: Pure white Koi with distinct red and black markings.

Ohgon or neon Koi: Usually yellow, orange or gold metallic. Butterfly Koi: Distinguished by their long butterfly fins.

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