Mike’s Fish Tank – Tips for a Healthy New Tank

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  1. When setting up a new tank, wait 24 hours before adding fish. Make sure your temperature is stable for at least a day. up and down temps cause fish to get sick.
  2. Only add a few fish to the tank for the first 5 to 6 weeks, you need a good bacteria to grow which will break down the ammonia fish give off.
  3. Be sure to siphon the bottom of your tank once a month.You want to get the excess food and waste out.
  4. Feed your fish 3 times a day, but small amounts. Their stomach is only about the size of their eye. Fish do best when fed several feedings a day.
  5. Do not add an algae eater until you see algae. Remember algae eaters are tropical and may not do as well in a colder goldfish tank.
  6. Small tanks may have more aggression because the fish do not have as much room. Large tanks can sometimes hold community and aggressive fish because there is a lot more room.
  7. Change your filter cartridge at least once a month. This will help keep your tank clean.
  8. The fish farms do not recommend ph drops.Fish can adjust to ph but not if it keeps getting changed.
  9. When buying fish, be sure to go right home.Fish need to get into their new tank as soon as possible.
  10. Only float your bag of fish 5 minutes. That is all the time it needs to equalize the temperature.

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