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Corydoras otherwise know as corys is by far the largest genus of Neotropical fishes with almost 142 species. Several hundred corydoras species are not yet classified but are kept by aquarists. Corys are distributed east of the Andes to the Atlantic coast, from Trinidad to the Rio de la Plata in northern Argentina. Corys are also found in South America in a variety of environments. Corys are well known among aquarists and are hugely popular. They are well suited to tropical community aquariums as they get along well with other species and are not aggressive at all. Many types of corys are actually quite timid. Corys are mostly bottom dwellers, so it’s a good idea to offer them sinking foods such as shrimp pellets and other tropical pellets. If you do flake foods, just be sure that some gets to the bottom for the slower more shy corys.

Corys can tolerate a wide range of water conditions, including temperatures that are cooler than Tropical. They do not do well in tanks with high Nitrate levels. So be sure that you do your monthly water changes which will get rid of any high nitrates. Corydoras are fairly easy to keep, being peaceful, hardy, active, and entertaining. Occasionally they will dart to the surface, sticking their snout above the water to take a breath of air. This behavior is perfectly normal and is not an indication of anything wrong. The corys longevity in the aquarium is noteworthy.

There are cases of corys living to 27 years in captivity and 20 years are not uncommon. In the wild, corys are generally found in smaller  streams and along the margins of larger rivers, in marshes and ponds.

Cory cats are an excellent addition to your freshwater fish tank.

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