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Instead of fish this week, we will talk about hermit crabs. They are a very popular pet especially kids.

A lot of people will go on vacation to the beach and bring back hermit crabs. I have been selling hermit crabs for 26 years and I have learned a lot from the big distributors about these cute little crabs.

They do not eat very much so feed accordingly. I put a little warm water in the sink and sprinkle some hermit crab food around the edge of the water. This simulates the way the crabs eat around and near water. It also keeps your hermit crab home cleaner, because when they are done eating, you can just add water and swish any leftover food down the drain.In the winter you can add a heat lamp or undertank heater to be sure the hermits are warm enough. This time of the year, it is warm enough and you shouldn’t need any heat sources.

Be sure to keep a dish of water in their home, they need moisture. If they don’t have enough humidity, they will have a hard time shedding their skin and they can die.They make hermit crab sponges. Keep one of these wet in your crabs home all time.This will add humidity to the habitat and will benefit your hermit crab. Normally hermit crabs get along with each other but they do fight sometimes.You might find a loose claw here and there, a definite sign that they may be fighting. Remember they are called HERMIT crabs, hermit means alone, so if you see signs of fighting, you may need a bigger home or take out the crab who might be the fighter.

Once a week give your crab a warm bath in just a little bit of water in the sink, this will help keep his skin moist and aid him in shedding.

Another fun fact of hermit crabs is if you add shells to their home, they may change into those shells off and on.

It all depends on whether they like the shells you give them, but it is cool to watch them change from one shell into the next.They make a big variety of hermit crab foods and treats. A balanced diet is always a good thing.

If you want to put a branch or stone from outside into your crabs home, be sure to sterilize it with boiling water so no bad things get into your crabs home.

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