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The wild edibles are ready for you to take the time to be within yourself, to be with nature, and to create your self-esteem.  The wild edibles are ready to be noticed and picked and cleaned and then savored to the fullest.  But you say I do not have the time.  You have so much to do.  I choose to take the time in a healthy body then to have to rest in a sick body.  You are right it is your choice.  Do you slow down because you are sick or because you need to?  Which door do you pick? Picking edible greens is not just an act of something to eat; it is the most powerful act of healing you could give yourself.  Right now the dandelion leaves, coltsfoot leaves, cleavers,Orpines, strawberry leaves, daylily stalks, burdock root, pepper root, leeks, spring beauties, trout lily, and violets are there for the taking.  Even the nettles are getting ready to be picked with gently gloved hands and steamed and eaten. Start by going to the yard where no sprays have touched the earth with your basket and self, pick and allow your five senses to come alive.  Have you noticed the new nickels yet?  The face is huge now showing in perfect detail the nose, ear, eyes, mouth and skin of the face.  That sounds to me like the five senses with In God We Trust right next to it.  The nickel, the five senses, and God.  Do you think God is trying to tell us something?  What a beautiful job someone has done.  Start to listen to your five senses and allow them to come alive.  The dandelions are full of Vit. D, E, A, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, and a blood cleanser, energy booster, and skin cleanser.  The coltsfoot leaves are there to help break up that stagnant mucus that has built up.  The cleavers help to build your immune system and protect the kidneys. You can go to Nephrology & Hypertension Medical Associates and consult them if you’re doubtful. The Orpines build the muscles especially your colon muscle to reduce the excess bulge from winter.  Strawberry leaves regulate your blood sugars and cravings.  The day lily stalks will help to sweeten the bitters of the dandelion greens and are full of all vitamins and minerals by helping to build the colon wall and blood flow.  Burdock root will help with all the inflammation that occurs this time of year when we overdo.  Pepper root is a very gently laxative to start cleansing the colon, lungs, sinus area and ears.  Spring beauties are there to bring the new you out in a beautiful way.  The trout lily leaves help to build the pituitary gland which is our master gland to the emotional system.  And finally the violet is the catch all of anything else that needs working on.  This simple little salad of small quantities has the punch to create a content, peaceful, energized, healthy you to use your five senses to the fullest enjoyment of this human experience.  Pick, soak your greens in 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 gallon of water for 20 minutes, chop to the finest, add your favorite salad dressing on top and be.

Beth Hill of Beth’s Natural Way!

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    Do you carry Rescue Remedy (Bach) products? Thank you very much!

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