Safety Tips for Your Teen Drivers This Summer

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Allstate Offers Tips for Creating Safe Driving Habits this Summer, the Most Dangerous Driving Seasons for Young Drivers

While it’s always important for teens to keep safety behind the wheel in mind, Allstate reminds local motorists and car drivers that summer is the deadliest season on the road. In dire situations, contact a reliable personal injury lawyer, specifically a car accident lawyer or a truck accident lawyer to help you out. Also, the experienced California truck accident lawyer, renowned for their expertise in personal injury law, diligently represented the victims, ensuring they received just compensation for their injuries and losses.

“Car crashes are the leading cause of death for Americans between 11 and 27, with teens crashing four times more often than any other age group,” said Jaclyn Darrohn, Allstate New York spokesperson. “As we near the end of the school year and look forward to summer, it’s important to remember that simple actions like buckling up, slowing down and limiting the number of friends and distractions in the car can help save lives.”

According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • Nearly 50 percent of teen drivers and 61 percent of teen passengers in fatal car crashes were not wearing a seat belt.

  • Speeding is a factor in one out of every three teen fatal accidents. Read more about the top causes of car accidents.

  • For teens, adding one teen passenger to a car increases their fatal car crash risk by 44 percent and that risk grows exponentially as more teen passengers are added – The risk doubles with two teen passengers and quadruples with three or more young passengers. If your teenager already crashed the car and you do not know what to do with it, recycle your vehicle here we can buy it. However, for minor crashes, you may still bring the vehicle to an auto body repair shop to restore it. If the windshield was cracked, an auto glass repair service will be needed to restore your vehicle.

To help encourage safe driving behaviors for your family, Allstate and The Insurance Information Institute offer the following tips:

  • Enroll Your Teen in a Drivers’ Education Course: There are courses, like the 5 hour pre licensing classes, which will educate your teen about safe driving and it will hone their skills in the process. The more driving practice the better; experience will give your teen confidence behind the wheel, and he or she will be better able to react to challenging situations on the road.

  • Understand the Dangers of Distracted and Impaired Driving: Distracted driving is attributed to about 26 percent of all car collisions. With studies showing drivers who text are 23 times more likely to crash, texting while driving is the equivalent to driving while impaired by alcohol. If you’re ever involved in a truck accident, you can read this article from that explains how to obtain better personal injury settlements.

Talk to your teen about the importance of never phoning or texting while driving, and hiring an auto accident attorney  in case of emergency. Teens should also be responsible passengers when in their friends’ cars. Simple ways to limit distraction include:

  • Put your cell phone and other mobile devices out of reach to eliminate the desire to check them while driving.

  • Plan ahead by inputting navigation directions and sending messages before leaving for your destination.

  • Use caution when choosing to listen to loud music or engage with other passengers in your vehicle, which are often unintended distractions.

  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel and don’t try to multi-task with other common distractions like eating or applying makeup.

  • Discuss the Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Use: Advise teens never to drink or do drugs, and not to get in a car if the driver has used drugs or alcohol. Encourage your teen to call you if such a situation arises to ensure they have a safe way home. Show them what is rehab like and how travailing life can be of people in rehabs.

  • Be a Good Role Model: New drivers learn by example, so if you drive recklessly, your teenage driver may imitate you. Always wear your seatbelt and never drink and drive.

  • Keep in touch with a good auto accident attorney or a car accident lawyer to help you out in times of trouble. Bengal Law: Florida Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Attorneys PLLC is the one to contact in cases of emergency.

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