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It’s pond season again. There is a variety of pond fish and other creatures available for your pond.

Sarassa comets, shibunkins, red comets, koi, regular and butterfly, crayfish, frogs, newts, tadpoles are a few of the most popular. Remember if you are putting in a pond, go for a shady spot or you will be fighting algae the whole summer. They do make some algicides that will kill algae or help prevent it from growing but if you have live plants, the algicides may kill those too.

Also, goldfish and koi do not like the heat, so a shady spot will help in that respect also.

If you have a small pond, do not add too many fish at one time. Just like a tropical tank, you need the good bacteria to build up before you put a lot of fish in the pond. Also, remember these pond fish can get really big, so allow room for them to grow. A lot of pond fish will just eat bugs and larvae that fall in the pond, but it’s still a good idea to feed them a good quality pond pellet, stick, or flake.

After purchasing your pond fish, remember only float the bag of fish in your pond 5 minutes. That is all it will take to  equalize the temperature.

Usually Memorial Day is the official beginning of pond season. We are still getting some cold nights, so you may want to wait another week before adding your pond fish. Although I have had people tell me they put pond fish out into their ponds already and they were fine.

We have all types of pond fish in stock now. Any questions you can email us or fill out the form on our web site.

Pets A Plenty is located on Rte 281 Cortland, across from Tops Market in the TJ Nails Plaza. 753-9213. Open 7 days a week. We now have a website. www.petsaplety.biz. check it out. I post care sheets, coupons, new animal arrivals, contests and more. Any questions, email me at friskyy@hotmail.com

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