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There is one organ in the body that is God like. This organ can magically dissolve things out of the body. If it is working properly and being feed what it needs. This organ is called the spleen. The spleen creates NK cells. NK cells are Natural Killer cells or another name is macrophages. Theses NK cells travel through the body and empty your waste cans. No different than in your house. You have garbage cans throughout your house and they need to be emptied. Just imagine if you never emptied your garbage can in your kitchen. And you just keep pushing the garbage more and more down. And then it starts to run over and starts to cover the floor. And then it starts to block the walk way and the imagination can go even farther….. I will leave that for you.
The spleen’s job is to create the NK cells that will travel to all the other organs and dissolve the waste from that organ doing their jobs. The spleen dissolves the blood that has become old in the blood vessels. It is also part of the immune system and helps to dissolve bad bacteria, virus, yeast or cells that are not in working order. If the spleen does not work, one may experience bloody noses or bruise easily. One may feel overwhelmed and have trouble with resentment first then the livers emotion comes into play and that is anger. You will know when the spleen is working cause you will start to spring clean and really enjoy the feeling of letting go of the old. But the spleen can not work unless it has been feed what it needs. The other organs can steal from the body if it is not feed what it needs but not the spleen. It just stops.
But every system has a back up system that can take over. Not do as good as a job but help for sure. The spleens back up is the liver. The liver cannot dissolve like the spleen, it can only move the garbage. The liver can put gasoline on a garbage can that is over full and burn the garbage. This may feel like a hot flash. The liver will move the garbage to the skin causing problems like acne, eczema, rashes or just extra dry skin. The liver becomes so busy it stops doing its own jobs. And the main one it stops doing is creating glycogens. So simple sugars instead of creating a chain of sugars stay simple and become a problem in the blood like yeast problems or sugar problems or cholesterol problems.
Glycogens are needed for constant energy for the muscles. Without this energy, one will fatigue easily when trying to exercise or working. If one is not making glycogens then they need to add them into the body. Foods high in glycogens are mushrooms, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes, coconut, mulberry, sesame seeds, wheat bran, corn, grape and pectin. Herbs high in glycogens are aloe vera, maitake mushroom, echinacea root, gum acacia, gum ghatti, limu moui root, boneset plant, burdock root, blessed thistle plant and milk thistle plant.
So for the spleen to work properly one needs either mushrooms, bitter greens, bitter berries or bitter herbs. In the beginning the mushrooms will need to be one of the medicinal ones like chaga, lion’s mane, maitake, shitake, chanterelles, cordyceps, morels or puff. The bitter greens are spinach, dandelion, romaine, beet greens, arugula, swiss chard and kale. The bitter berries are blackberry, raspberry, currants, gooseberry, elderberry, loganberry, dewberry or mulberry. Bitter herbs are boneset, yarrow, blessed thistle or milk thistle. Gentain is a great bitter and you can find an extract of that in the liquor store usually for mixed drinks but great for the spleen.
God teaches us to stay clear of negativity and stay in the power of love. Feed your spleen and keep the negativity and the old out of your life and body.

Beth Hill of Beth’s Natural Way!

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