June 8-18 – A Fox On The Fairway (CRT)

Posted by  //  May 7, 2016  //  Arts & Live Music, Calendar of Events

Pavilion at Dwyer Memorial Park, Little York. Golfer Jimmy DeMaret once remarked “Golf and sex are the only things you can enjoy without being good at them.” With that in mind, come join the “teed off” gang down at the Quail Valley Country Club as they prepare to take on their archrivals, the Crouching Squirrels, in the Annual Inter-Club Golf Tournament. With a sizable wager at stake, the contest plays out amidst romantic shenanigans, mistaken identities, a disappearing diamond, objectionable sweaters, and an exploding vase. This regional premiere is a charming madcap adventure about love, life, and man’s eternal love affair… with golf! For more information call(607) 756-2627, email cortlandrep@hotmail.com, or visit cortlandrep.org.

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