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I wanted to let people know a few important hints from the fish farms.

Only float your fish for 5 minutes, any longer then that and the water in the bag will get too warm in a heated tank plus there isn’t that much water in the bag, it only takes a few minutes to adjust.

Do not add water from your tank to the bag, float and add water again. This used to be the way to do it, not anymore.

It causes a massive ph spike when you do that. The farms say you want to get the fish out of the bag as soon as possible.

Do not adjust your ph. Fish will adjust but if you keep adding ph up or down liquid, this is a major stress to the fish.

As far as lighting, the light can be off during the day, have it on in the evening and then shut it off when you go to bed.

Fish like to sleep too. Don’t leave the light on all night.

Check daily for any sign of health problems. The quicker you treat a sick fish, the better. Ick is very common this time of year due to the cold. Ick is a stress disease caused by a fish being chilled, overheated, bullying etc.

It looks like salt was sprinkled on the fish. If you see a few spots, treat immediately and often it will be gone in a day.

Best temperature for tropical fish is 78 to 80 degrees. If colder then that, the fish more likely to get sick.

When buying fish, make it your last stop and go right home. Once the fish leaves the heated tank at the pet shop, the temperature is dropping, so getting them to your tank fast is essential for health.

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