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This week we’ll take a fish timeout and talk about another common problem among pet owners.

Pet Dander Dilemmas and itchy pets.

Pet allergies often prevent people from enjoying the company of furry pets. However they don’t always realize that the main problem is not the hair but the dander, or dead skin, allergenic dust and pollen that collect in the hair.

Here are some ways to prevent pet allergens in the home.

Keep pets off beds and furniture. Wash all bedding and slipcovers in hot water at least twice a month to remove allergens.

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Wash pet bedding and toys regularly. Vaccuum with a cleaner that has a Hepa filter on it. If possible, use a HEPA air cleaner. If you’re too busy to handle these tasks, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service from the carpet cleaning greenville sc to do the job for you.

Use allergen air filters in your furnace.

Cover air vents with vent guards that trap dander and keep it from circulating in the air. Clean your home with a vapor steam cleaner, which is chemical free.

Brush pets outside every day. Bathe pets with an allergen reducing shampoo every week.

Feed pets a good diet supplemented with vitamins and fatty acid supplements to keep skin healthy.

Wash your hands after handling any pet. Use anti-allergen sprays and detergents to reduce allergens.

Another common problem we get calls on, are dogs that are losing hair.

Sometimes that is caused by a dog food that is of low quality, or it’s an allergic reaction to something new they have eaten.

But, the most common cause is a biotin deficiency, a lack of fatty acids in their diet.

We sell a couple things that have worked really well on dogs that have done everything but continue to itch, scratch and lose hair.

One product is lipiderm and another is linatone. They both work well.

A lot of people also come in the store to find out why their bird is itching and losing feathers. Again, it’s due to dry skin and lack of fatty acids.

There are products that can be given to your bird that will alleviate  that problem rather quickly.

A lot of people think that a bird has mites when they itch but mites are usually not the problem. It’s that lack of fatty acids.

Try something like Eight and Ones skin and plumage or wheat germ oil and you’ll notice a difference in your bird rather fast.

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