March 21 – The Y Files: Where Are the Cows? (CRT fundraiser)

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6:30pm doors open, Cortland Ramada Inn, 2 River St. Buffet Dinner with Acme Mystery Co. Sheriff Shelly Moganagle is calling an emergency town meeting for YOU and everybody else in Pine Bluffs. Our cows are disappearing and we need to figure out where in the heck they’re going! Could it be Roland McBurger’s new hamburger joint? Or cattle rustlers? Down at the Crazy Kegger, folks are saying it is alien cow abduction! The Sheriff is taking no chances and has called in the FBI. Be there when Special Agents Molding and Sulky arrive. They’ll need all the help they can get! Tickets $50 per person through February 9, then $55, at CRT Box Office, 24 Port Watson St, or The Bling Store, 101 Main St., Cortland.

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