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I get a lot of people asking about crickets that they feed to their lizards. Some people have  trouble keeping them alive.

I always tell people to keep them in a clean container with air holes. I know people who use a coffee can and that smell of coffee that lingers in the can probably isn’t too good for the . Crickets are susceptible to smells and odors.

Things like kerosene, smoke, or even a fry ing pan burning can cause cricket death.

They are also very sensitive to heat and cold. If the crickets are in a place in the upper 80s, that could be a problem.

If the temperature gets down in the 40’s or lower, then that might be a problem. Keep the away from windows, registers or stoves in the winter and you may not want them right next to the a/c in the summer. If you buy crickets in the summer and leave them in the car on a hot day, they’ll be dead in just minutes. Same thing if you leave them in a freezing car in the winter.

I feed our crickets the Nature Zone cricket food. It’s a hard gel that is their food and water. If you feed that, then you do not need to give the crickets water. If you are not feeding the Nature Zone food, then make sure you give your crickets a tiny dish of water daily. They need water too. Some people feed their crickets a potato. That may work as some moisture but it’s not very nutritious. Remember what you feed your crickets is what you are feeding your lizard.

The Lizard gets what is in the crickets stomache. If you are dusting your crickets with calcium or vitamin powder, be sure to do it just before you feed them to your reptile. Once the cricket is dusted, the lifespan is short as the powder clogs the crickets breathing. So only dust the ones you are going to feed at that time.

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