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The black ghost knife fish is a tropical fish belonging to the ghost knifefish family (Apteronotidae). They originate in South America in the Amazon Basin in Peru and from Venezuela through Paraguay in the Paraná River. They are becoming popular in aquaria. The fish is all black except for two white rings on its tail, and a white blaze on its nose, which can occasionally extend into a stripe down its back. It moves mainly by undulating a long fin on its underside. It will grow to a maximum length of 20 in . It does not have scales and is a very shy fish.

It is a very interesting fish. They actually make a see through plastic tunnel that you can put into your tank so the ghost fish can think he’s hiding but you can still see him. It’s called a ghost house and we sell them.

Kinfe fish also come in a brown version called a brown ghost knife and a see thru version called a transparent Knife. They are all relatively hardy although the transparent one is sometimes susceptible to ick.

The black ghost knifefish is a weakly electric fish as a result of the electrosensory systems it possesses. The black ghost knifefish can both produce and sense the electrical impulses. Black ghost knife fish are nocturnal. We do carry the knife fish.

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