Prepare Your Car for Messy Winter Driving Conditions

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FACT: Temperature extremes always bring out the worst in your car, like dead batteries, soft tires, gasoline freeze, and carburetor and heating problems.

FACT:  The most common car equipment failures are due to loss of brakes, tire blowouts, thread separation and then the steering and suspension failure.

– Facts provided by the NHTSA

Mother Nature is infamous for peppering December with dropping temperatures, snow, and dangerous icy road conditions. It is critical to make sure your car is prepared to take on the severe winter driving conditions bestowed upon New York during the holiday season, knowing where to locate the very best auto accident lawyer in New York is also very important during these days. You may contact your local law firm for assistance.

Without a doubt, icy roads are one of the top causes of winter-weather car accidents, if not the top cause. Icy roads change the way your car handles and you have to be ready to react. If you encounter an icy road, your best bet is to slow down. Braking or accelerating should be avoided if you are on ice. To learn more about the amount of accidents caused due to weather conditions, check the most updated information at the New York car accident homepage.

“While you should keep your vehicle in top operating condition all year round, it is especially important to get it winterized to avoid dangerous situations while traveling in frigid weather,” stated Allstate NY spokesperson Jaclyn Darrohn.

Giving your vehicle a once-over is key to overall safety. Check your battery, engine, brakes, tire pressure, coolant, transmission and windshield washer fluids before driving. Also, make sure mirrors and seats are adjusted and seat belts are working properly. For any unforeseen and unfortunate accidents, having a reliable personal injury attorney on your side can be a huge difference-maker in the legal process. A more specialized car accident attorney should be able to better assist you under most circumstances involving vehicle collisions, so make sure you have reliable one that you can contact in an emergency. Having to look up one right after the accident might not be possible if you are injured in said accident after all.

Allstate Insurance Company and the Insurance Information Institute offer the following winter driving tips:

  • Leave more distance than usual between your vehicle and the one just ahead of you, giving yourself at least 10 seconds to come to a complete stop. If you were involved in a car accident because of the other driver’s failing to yield to your right of way, you should take photographs of damage to your vehicle, damage to the other vehicle, and any injuries.
  • Be careful when driving over bridges as well as roadways rarely exposed to sunlight, as they are often icy when other areas are not.
  • Be sure to keep your gas tank full. A fuller gas tank also averts the potential freezing of your car’s gas-line.
  • Do not activate your cruise control when driving on a slippery surface.
  • Do not warm up a vehicle in an enclosed area, such as a garage.
  • Keep your tires properly inflated and remember that good tread on your tires is essential to safe winter driving.

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