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I know we usually write about fish. But Pets A Plenty carries a wide variety of animals. This week I thought we could talk about the green cheek conure. The green-cheeked conure is typically (10 in) long . It is mainly green, with a brown/black/grey crown, white rings, green cheeks, blue primary wing feathers, a grey beak, and its long pointed tail is mostly maroon. It has short striations on its breast and a red abdominal area. Males and females have an identical external appearance. The hand tame green cheeks we get in are very friendly and tame.

The birds we sell are captive born in the U.S. and are banded. In the wild The green-cheeked conure occurs in west-central and southern Mato Grosso, Brazil, through northern and eastern Bolivia to northwestern Argentina and northern Paraguay. Its habitat is forests and woodland, where it usually forms flocks of 10 to 20 individuals at treetop level, or larger flocks where there is more food. It is also emerging as a popular pet for families and individuals.

The green-cheeked conure eats various seeds and fruits. The average clutch is 4–6 eggs. Average incubation is 24 days, varying from 22 to 25 days. They are the quietest of the conures and can learn tricks and have a limited vocabulary, with extensive training.

Green-cheeked parakeets are common in aviculture and are popular companion parrots. They are playful, affectionate and intelligent, known as having a “big personality in a small body”. They can learn to talk, although with a limited vocabulary and a gravelly voice. They like to be held (although some like it more than others) and can learn tricks such as lying on their backs, “kissing,” shaking, and hanging upside down.

Green-cheeked parakeets are quiet, so even an apartment dweller can enjoy their companionship.

Hand tame green cheeks are very loveable and cannot wait to get out of their cage and onto your shoulder, arm or hand.

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