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The wild roses are in full bloom right now and their scent is soothing to the soul and the nerves. The rose family has two wild ones around here and over one hundred domesticated roses. The wild white roses are small clusters of flowers while the red roses are just one red rose with five large petals, called Pasture Rose. The Latin name for both is Rosa spp.

Rose petals are wonderful in a fresh salad, adding color, flavor and aroma. They are very high in Vitamin C and help to break up mucus in the body. They are also very alkaline to the tissues. When the body becomes to acid, the muscles become stiff and sore, the body becomes too dry, hot flashes may show up or acid reflex just will not give up. Summer time becomes too busy for us all and we find ourselves eating quick meals that are too high in acid producing foods. Meat proteins and carbohydrates like pastas and breads are very high in acid. Adding the salad of fresh greens and the petals of the rose will help to dilute that acid.

Another way Roses were used was to make rose petal water and add to your bath or into your dish water to help the skin to be smooth yes but now do just the opposite to the tissues of the skin, make them acid. The first defense your body has against diseases is through the skin and the skin has to be acid to do its job properly. When even putting Rose petal water on your skin like a lotion, will help the body protect itself. To make rose petal water, get a gallon of water and as your roses start to fade, pick them off the bush and add to the water. Keep adding flowers till the jar is full. Shake this jar every day for a month. Smell the water, if it is strong enough for your liking, strain the flowers out of the water using cheese cloth and store in the refrigerator for use within the month. If you want to keep the water longer, add equal parts of alcohol (I use vodka) and store in dark bottles out of the sunlight. If you want the water to be stronger, strain out the flowers and start adding more flowers to your water, remembering to shake the container every day as you are filling it back up.

In the Fall, the Rose bush creates red balls called rose hips. These also are edible being very high in Vitamin C. They are nice to dry and use them throughout the winter for a Vitamin C source.

Magically, Roses are for love, healing spells and relieving headaches. The petals are carried for protection and in needing your luck to change.

Taking the time to smell the flowers as in this instance, is healing to your body as it truly does work on soothing the nerves.

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