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I get a lot of people wanting peacock cichlids. Malawi Peacocks are arguably some of the prettiest African Cichlids offered in the trade.

Because of their high tolerance to changes in water chemistry, they are an easy beginner species. Peacock Cichlids offer a relatively low maintenance aquarium fish to keep. Like other African Cichlids, Peacocks require tropical temperatures, 72-82 degrees F.

It should be noted that Cichlids will sometimes eat plants. It should also be noted that Cichlids dig caves and disrupt plants and decorations.

This is simply their way. They should be provided with plenty of hiding places. In order to maintain their brilliant coloration, you will need to offer your Peacock Cichlid with a diverse diet. Standard fish food diets usually include a healthy mix of plant and animal matter. However you can also feed frozen bloodworms, freezedried or frozen brine shrimp. A high-quality varied diet will also help your fish to display their brightest colors and African Cichlids can rival saltwater fish for their beautiful colorations.

Peacocks can  be mixed with other peaceful Cichlids from Lake Malawi and Victoria, like small, peaceful Malawi Haps.

Rainbowfish, Congo Tetra, Roseline Sharks, Silver Dollar, Tin Foil Barbs and Giant Danio’s also work well in a Peacock Tank as these are decent sized fish. The peacock cichlids are very colorful, many have shades of blue, red and even pink.

As long as all of their basic care requirements are met, it is not difficult to breed Peacock Cichlids. Because there are many similar common names, always ask for the scientific name before setting out to breed your fish. A single male to several females is ideal.  If there are not enough females in your breeding tank, the male will harass the females until they are too stressed and weak to breed.

If the brooding female is being harassed too much you can move to her to a temporary breeding tank until she releases the babies.

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