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This week we’ll stray from fish and talk about Iguanas. It’s a very popular pet and this time of year, the babies are ready.

They are small, very green and cute as can be. Just remember, they are going to get very big. You can start out with a 10 or 20 gallon tank but within a year or so, you may need a bigger tank.

Iguanas are vegetarian and the diet consists of mainly dark leafy greens such as romaine, escarole, red leaf, collards kale and dandelion greens. Spinach is a calcium binder and could cause problems down the road. Some fruits are okay like apple, berries, cantalope. However the main diet should be leafy greens and be sure to sprinkle some calcium powder on their food a couple times a week. Iguanas grow fast and get big so they have high calcium requirements.

In order for them to process the calcium, you’ll need a true UVB bulb. Leave that on 7 or 8 hours a day and that will aide in their calcium absorption. Iguanas should have a heat lamp that is on during the day. It simulates the heat of the sun.

Day temps should be middle 80’s and night time temps 68 to 70. If you need a heat lamp at night, be sure to choose a red or black bulb and that way the iguana can sleep. They don’t want a bright light shining on them during the night.

I still recommend a heat rock. You may hear stories that they burn a lizard. Not true.They are just warm to the touch and when they malfunction, they go cold. Heat pads that go under a tank really heat up the glass. Put your hand on the glass and you’ll see it gets hot. I had 3 people this week all switch to heat rocks because their undertank heater made the glass bottom too hot and it burned their reptile. It’s rare for a heat rock to get too hot.

Be sure to hold your new Iguana a lot. That way he will become quite tame. A lot of people don’t hold them enough.

Our big Iguana Louie was quite aggressive when he came but in time he got used to people and now he is super tame.

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