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Oscars are a very popular fish but can be very very aggressive. I have had people tell me they had 2 oscars living together just fine and then all of a sudded one kills the other one. Sometimes this happens 2, 3 or 5 years later. The fish farms always tell me that an oscar should live alone in a tank by itself because they are going to get quite large and they are also very territorial. I do know people who have oscars living with community fish but it doesn’t happen very often and you are taking a risk that the oscar may suddenly without warning turn on your other fish. Oscars are not to be trusted. They may act meek and subdued at times. However that can change fast. They do have quite the personality. I know people who can handfeed their oscar and even have the oscar come to the top of the tank to be petted like a dog.

Oscars may be fed prepared fish food designed for large carnivorous fish, crayfish, worms, and insects (such as flies, crickets and grasshoppers). Feeding live foods may increase the rate of growth but also may cause endoparasites.

Live feeder fish can be given, but fish such as goldfish and rosy red feeder minnows should not be fed. These can harbor parasites which can lead to Hole in the head disease which is very difficult to treatand can lead to death.

Oscars like to exhibit “laying on their side” when scared or as a way to trick potential prey. Oscars also have an absolute requirement for vitamin C, and develop health problems in its absence. Once an oscar establishes a territory, it will vigorously defend it by chasing away other fish. Oscars will often lay claim to an area of the aquarium and will be very aggressive towards other fish encroaching on their newly established territory inside the aquarium. The most common colors are the red, red tiger and albino reds and albino tigers. There is also a longfinned variety of oscars.

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