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With all the snow and cold this year, the plants are just waiting to come popping out of the earth. This may be a year when you will have to go and brush the snow away to find the treasures starting to grow. Spring time is wonderful for picking a wild salad to help cleanse the body from the winter accumulation of mucus. Just as our homes are waiting for the time to open windows and allow fresh air into its walls. Just as you decide to paint those walls to create a whole new look and feel.

As soon as the snow melts and you go for a walk into the deep woods, one of the first plants you will see will be the spring beauties. They will carpet the ground in their beauty of pink and white glory. The Latin name for the spring beauty is Claytinia virginica. The plant has a single pair of smooth leaves that reattached half way up the delicate stem. The petals are white to pale pink with darker pink veins. The corn being three to five inches in the rich soils of the deep woods are gathered to use like a potato. Boil them for ten to fifteen minutes taking the tough outer shell off before mashing to eat. These roots are very small from one quarter to one and a half inch in size. The stems, leaves and flowers are excellent in a fresh green salad.

The plant as a whole is very high in Vitamin C, phosphorus, B complex and silica. Vitamin C acys like a stirring spoon in the body, helping to loosen old unwanted tissues and mucus. Phosphorus is the coating of your bones to keep them healthy and strong. B complex is for multitasking and silica creates the new. Put this all together and you have a wonderful start on your new you for the upcoming year.

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