As the Snow and Ice Begin to Melt, Be on the Lookout for What the Winter Weather May Leave Behind

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What to do to Minimize Ice Damming and Roof Damage

Worn out by the winter weather? We all are. But don’t let your guard down just yet. Now that the snow and ice are beginning to melt, turn your attention to your roof because it might need some immediate roofing repairs, seeking the help of some experts from the best company like Top Notch Roofing services is of great help.

Following harsh winters like the one we’ve experienced this season, it’s not uncommon for ice dams to form on roof tops and cause damage inside and outside a home, with a metal roof replacement a lot of damage can be prevented, but you should think about getting an inspection done by residential roofing services so you are sure if you have any damage or not. And if there’s damage have a professional in residential or commercial roofing repair. Ice dams are lumps of ice that form on gutters, eaves and valleys, and prevent melting snow from running down. As the snow melts, the water backs up, seeps under shingles or tiles and can eventually leak into the home roofing.

Allstate is seeing ice damming activity in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. “We know many residents are still feeling the effects of the winter blast,” said Allstate New York Spokesperson Jaclyn Darrohn. “However, we want people who have been hammered by the bitter cold conditions to know what to look for and take precautions if it’s safe to do so.”

Minimize Ice Dam Formation on Your Roof

For personal safety, avoid getting on the roof or working from a ladder to remove large amounts of snow and ice, you could have a peek at these guys to get help fix your roof. Here are other tips from Allstate to help safely minimize potential ice damming damage:

  • If it’s safe to do so, use a snow rake or soft broom to clear fresh snowfall from gutters. If it’s an inconvenience for you, you can contact professionals who offer timely services such as roof Storm Damage Inspection.
  • Avoid using any sharp tools or ice picks to remove ice as this can cause more damage.
  • Consider calling a licensed expert to remove the snow and ice dams.
  • Watch inside your home for unexpected water leakage on walls or ceilings
  • Get Thermal Imaging for Roof Inspections and then properly insulate those areas.
  • Wrap or insulate heating ductwork in order to reduce heat loss through the attic.
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation by installing soffit vents that move air upward to a ridge vent or other venting near the roof ridge.
  • Seal all openings to the attic (e.g. light fixtures)
  • Prior to snow falling, keep gutters and downspouts clear of leaves and natural debris. If you see an issue with your roof, contact experts to inspect and replace your old roof in Washington Crossing, PA.

Policyholders may want to review their policy or contact their agent if they have any questions. By protecting your home using the winter weather tips above, homeowners may avoid experiencing potential damage. Find other ways to protect your home from ice damming at Allstate’s Be Aware and Prepare website:

For More information and a new quote please call Shirley Eizember, Pinckney Insurance Agency, 41 Port Watson St, Cortland New York. 607-756-8505

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