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This week I want to talk about Anoles and not fish. Anoles are the small green lizards found in Florida and the Bahamas.

They often change colors from green to brown. A lot of kids get them at school at various times throughout the school year. But some of the care given out to the kids isn’t always correct. Anoles should have a day temperature of near 80 and night 68 to 70. They should have a heat rock, contrary to what you may hear, they do not burn the lizard. They are just warm to the touch and the lizard can sit on it if it gets too cold. The undertank heaters get much hotter and the glass gets too warm.

I hear people say they were told to mist the tank daily but that will leave mineral stains on your glass. I always just do a dish of water and they always seem to drink from it fine. As far as feeding, they like small crickets best but some will eat small mealworms. Do not feed the large crickets because they can choke and die on those.

As far as feeding, I always tell people to give the anoles 3 to 5 crickets a day. They need a lot of food if you want them to do well. Be sure to have a heat lamp on them also. If it’s too cold, they will not eat and thus will not live long. Lizards are cold blooded and we need to regulate their heat for them. If all goes well, an anole should live 2 to 3 years.

I have heard that anoles will sometimes eat baby food, like peaches or apples. I haven’t had any luck feeding that, but some people do.Try it, If they like it, that’s a good thing.

As far as their color, I think when they are green, they are happy. When they are brown, it may signify that they are cold or upset.

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