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Here are some helpful hints for all of you who have just started new fish tanks or maybe you have a tank that was down for awhile and you have just set it up again. In any case, these are some good rules to follow so that your fish tank will do great.

1.  Go  slow when adding fish to your tank. There is a good bacteria that has to grow and that bacteria will eat the urine the fish produce. For example a new 10 gallon tank should be started with 3 or 4 small fish.

2.  Do not add an algae eater to a new tank. There is no algae yet. When you see algae, then add an algae eater.

3.   Feed your fish small amounts 3  times a day if possible. Do not over feed. Too much food will pollute your tank and cause it to be cloudy.

4.   Purchase a siphon and siphon 20 to 25% of the water monthly. Always siphon from the bottom not the top.  You want to get the extra waste and excess food out of the tank.

5.   Watch your lighting. Do not leave the tank light on 24 hours a day. Fish want to sleep too. Also too much light means too much algae. Have your tank light on like 4PM til 11:00 PM.

6.   When you buy new fish, go right home and put them in the tank. It’s not a good idea to go shopping while your fish sit in a bag in your car.

7.   Only float the bag of fish 5 minutes. There is not that  much water in the bag.  It will only take a few minutes for that water to reach the temperature of your tank. Floating too long can result in death.

8.    Tropical  fish like warm water, 78 to 80.  Goldfish like cold water. Some people mix them, it may or may not work.

9.   Some fish will get along with other fish very nicely, such as: tetras, mollies, platys, swords, guppies, dwarf gouramis, Many of the barbs are aggressive as well as the bigger gouramis.

10.  Remember the bigger the tank, the better your fish will get along with each other. There’s enough space so they all have  room and  aggression is less likely to happen.

Hopefully these few guidelines will make your tank a big success.  Any questions, call us at  753-9213 or stop in.

Pets A Plenty is located in the Blockbuster Video Plaza, Rte 281 Cortland, 753-9213. Open 7 days a week. We now have a website. www.petsaplety.biz. check it out. I post care sheets, coupons, new animal arrivals, contests and more. Any questions, email me at friskyy@hotmail.com

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