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Every week, I get a lot of phone calls about certain things, so I’d like to go over a few of the most common items I am asked.

Now that cold weather is upon us, please be sure to take any animals or fish straight home after you purchase them. Even just a little cold can cause a tropical fish to get sick. And some animals are susceptible to cold like birds and guinea pigs. As far as pond fish, as long as your pond doesn’t freeze all  the way, the fish will be ok. However if the pond is small and freezes solid, your pond fish will not make it. In small ponds, you can use things like pond heaters or even an air pump blowing air into the pond and that will help it not to freeze all the way. As long as there is a pocket of open water, in most cases the fish will survive. Also keep in mind this time of year, buying fish and/or animals out of town can be risky. You don’t want them to get cold. Be sure your car is warmed up and then go straight home. Or better yet, buy local.

A lot of people are contacting me lately about their hamster, guinea pig, bunny, gerbil etc losing their fur. This can be caused by cedar bedding. Some of the Big Department stores sell pine that has cedar mixed in to it and this causes problems. The only reason I point this out is because I am having a lot of phone calls about it lately, and when people change to pure pine, their pets

hair grows back and the itching stops. The cedar definitely causes some kind of problem. We only sell pine here, no cedar mixed in. It’s safe for all your furry friends. The other type of bedding that seems to be safe are things like fresh world, recycled newspapers.

Another very important thing that most people do not know is the fact that timothy hay is very very good for bunnies, guinea pigs and chinchillas. It helps to break down hairballs. We all know cats get hairballs but bunnies and chinchillas get them too, especially if they have longhair. For the guniea pigs, it adds vitamin C to their diet which is really important for them.

Hey, if you have a question visit our web site www.petsaplenty.biz and fill out the contact form. I will send you an answer promptly.

Pets A Plenty is located in the Blockbuster Video Plaza, Rte 281 Cortland, 753-9213. Open 7 days a week. We now have a website. www.petsaplety.biz. check it out. I post care sheets, coupons, new animal arrivals, contests and more. Any questions, email me at friskyy@hotmail.com

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