Dressing Up the Holiday Table

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The traditional Thanksgiving table looks like a Norman Rockwell painting:  white linen tablecloth, damask napkins, and candles in pretty candleholders.  Tureens and serving bowls and platters hold savory offerings.  Setting the table for Thanksgiving or any holiday party, can be inexpensive, as well as fun.  Shop an antiques store for these treasures.

If you don’t have your own heirloom linens to use, then it’s time you started your collection.  One can find a beautiful, used damask tablecloth from $10.00-$20.00, on average.  Vintage damask napkins cost about $1.00 each.  One may not find 10 of the same pattern, but who ever looks at the pattern on white napkins?  If you or a guest seriously stains a napkin, just buy another one.  At $1.00 or do each, one can’t go wrong.

One may find fine Irish linen tablecloths, as well.  These are more costly, but are truly beautiful.  One can also find crystal candlesticks, transferware and ironstone serving dishes, and large platters for your turkey or ham.  A cooked turkey looks even better on a beautiful, old, large platter, with room for veggies to enhance the presentation.

Crocheted doilies may be used stacked, or singly, as hot pads for the table.  They range in price from twenty five cents to a few dollars, and come in a variety of colors.

Gravy boats in lovely designs, or white ironstone, are useful as well as pretty on your table.  They make it easy to pass the gravy and pour it out.  One can easily find one for less than $15.00 to grace one’s table.

Vintage or antique candlesticks can be found in most any color or style.  Brass or crystal candlesticks add a traditional look to your table.  However, Mid-Century Modern candleholders in pastels can add a festive touch.

Have fun during the holidays setting a table that will be memorable.

By Karen Hewitt


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