Cortland Fair Awards

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Window Boxes – Cloverbuds – participation award: AliceTylutki , Sam Birdsall , Caitlin McCloy , Logan Goodman and Caleigh Stone

4-H – Avery Barber-1b, Elyse Butts – 1r, Moriah Horn – 1r,1w, Ashly Johnson – 1b, Kali Johnson – 1r, Maura MacNeill– 2r, Mikayla MacNeill – 2r, Ty MacPherson – 1b, Connor McCloy – 1r, Jacquelyn Moore 1w, Emaleigh Perry – 1r, 1w, Rylee Phillips – 1b, Schyler Phillips – 1b, Julian Tylutki 1w

Ornamental Horticulture
Cloverbud – participation award -Delta Garber

Kaitlyn E. Boice 2b, Kelsey Rook – 2b, Drew Gustafson – 2b, 2r, Erik Gustafson 2b, Julia Gustafson 3b, 1w, Elizah Horn – 1b, 2r, Moriah Horn – 2b, 2r, Ashly Johnson 10b, 3r, Kali Johnson 9b, 2r, Brian Mitchell 13b, 3r, Jessica Mitchell 13b, 5r, Jacquelyn Moore 10b, 1r, 1W, Emaleigh Perry 1b, 1r

Ornamental Horticulture Awards –
Best Cut Flower – Drew Gustafson
Best Foliage Container – Jessica Mitchell
Best Dish Garden – Brian Mitchell
Best Live Arrangement – Kali Johnson
Best of Show ( Judges Award) Kelsey Rook

Vegetable Results

Cloverbuds – Sam Birdsall 7p, Elise Donlick 1p, Annika Donlick – 1p

4-H Kaitlyn Boice – 1r, Rylee Phillips – 1b, Chris Ryan – 1r, Jodi Ceurter – 3b.2r, Drew Gustafson – 3g, Erik Gustafson – 3b, 1r, Julia Gustafson -2b, 1r, Ashly Johnson – 12b, 1r, Kali Johnson – 9b, Emily Lehman 2w, Patrick Lehman – 1b, 1r, Maura MacNeill – 1b, 4w., Mikayla MacNeill – 3b, 5r, Brian Mitchell 9b, 3r, 1w, Jessica Mitchell 7b. 2r, 1w

Vegetable Awards –

Best Vegetable Character – Ashly Johnson & Kali Johnson
Largest Green Tomato – Kali Johnson
Best of Show ( Judge’s Award) – Ashly Johnson

Horticulture Knowledge Contest

Top Beginner – Elisa Dallam – b and Jake Jaworski – r.

Top Intermediate – Emaleigh Perry – b, also Harriet Dallam – b and Zoe Guttendorf – r

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