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Even though this herb is not a true wild herb it has been found along side roads from farmers spilling the seed or moving the hay from the field to the barn.  But to find an organic farmer and just asking if you can have a basket full from a corner of a field will be more than enough for you and your family.

NICKNAMES:  Lucerne, purple medick, purple medical, buffalo herb, purple medic.

LATIN NAME:  Medicago sativa.

ELEMENT:  Earth.

POWERS:  Prosperity, anti-hunger, money.

MEDICINAL PARTS:  Leaves and flower.

CONSTITUTES:  Carotinoids, triterpene saponins, iosflavonoids, coumarins, triterpenes, cyanogenic glycosides.

PROPERTIES:  Aromatic, diuretic, sweet and cooling.

MAGICAL USES:  Alfalfa is used in money spells.  If this herb is dried and stored in the house or burned and the ashes spread around the house, famish will not occur.

INTERNAL USES:  Cleansing to the body as a whole and helps a body that is in an exhausted state to start healing and eating.  This is considered a very high multi-vitamin.  Being very high in chlorophyll, also helps with oxygen in the tissues.

EXTERNAL USES:  None known.

HARVEST:  Pick the plant during the whole growing season.

USE AS:  Tea, fresh, extracts and powder forms. Use the seeds to sprout and eat on salads.  The flowers are edible in salads also just be sure to check for insects good and break apart.

PRECAUTIONS:  None known.

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