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This week I’d like to talk about small animal treats. NATURAL TREATS FOR SMALL ANIMALS ARE ON THE UPSWING.

Pet owners are treating their small animals like their dog and cats. People are humanizing their pet bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets.

We want healthier treats, toys and food for our small animal pets. F. M Brown’s extreme treat line contains natural, wholesome dehydrated
fruits and veggies as well as seed and nuts. These fiber rich treats come in several flavors to add variety to small pets’ diets.

F. M. Browns Coco Cabana is made from real coconut and satisfies the natural chewing instinct of gerbils and hamsters. The hideaway also features 3 doorway holes that allow pets to lie low for awhile.
Bandits treat from Marshal Pet Products now include a tartar control option. The semi moist morsels combine fresh meat protein with a crunchy shell that helps fight plaque and tartar buildup.

Hay products have evolved. There are now mats and hideouts made of 100% timothy hay. Kaytee has come out with a product called Tube O’Hay
which are safe to chew tubes stuffed with natural sun cured timothy hay. They come in large and small sizes and are perfect for pets that like to forage and gnaw.

Superpet has come up with an all natural chew that comes in a variety of music related shapes, such as a cello, MP3 Player and guitar. The chews clean and trim teeth while satisfying small animals’ chewing and gnawing instinct.

Ware products has come out with a line of toys made from willow branches. The willow branches supply vitamins to the animal and they are totally renewable and good for the environment.

Lixit Corp. has a new cardboard deco house made in the U. S. from completely edible, nontoxic, ingredients. They are great for young pet owners because kids can decorate them.

These are just a few of the new all natural toys and treats for the small pet owner.

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