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8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Tompkins County Chamber 
Human Resources—Creating an Employee Handbook
Learn about and create for your business, the single most potent tool for fostering employee effectiveness and protecting yourself legally as an employer:  the employee handbook.

No longer just the stuff of Big Blue and Fortune 500 companies, the employee handbook is now recognized as an immensely effective tool for businesses of all sizes.  Learn how to efficiently and swiftly craft a document which will save you countless hours in training and re-training staff as well as helping keep your business focused on precisely what needs to be done for your business to grow and become a bigger business.  In addition, the investment of a small amount of time to assemble and document information about policies which you already likely informally have in place, can save an entrepreneur tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs, even avoid potential ruination of the business from costly lawsuits.  Labor law is robust and serious potential pitfalls await the underprepared entrepreneur.  This session will provide the participant with the means to establish an immediately useable employee handbook and begin operating a much more secure business model.

Presenter:  Risa Mish, Esq. is the director of the Johnson School’s Leadership Skills Program as well as a lecturer of leadership who teaches courses in analytical thinking in business. She also heads her own management consulting and training practice, providing strategic employee relations advice and training to senior executives and human resources teams.
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