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A lot of people ask about live foods for reptiles. Here are some hints.

Proper housing includes containers with good ventilation and slippery sides so the crickets can’t climb out.Crickets are happy at room temperature, between 70 and 75 degrees at moderate humidity. Be sure they are stored away from direct sunlight, drafts and pesticides. Provide water for your crickets, or instead of a dish of water, try Nature Zones cricket bites.

It supplies your crickets with water and food and is less messy than a dish of water. Prevent bacteria by providing only cricket food, not fresh fruit or vegetables. Keep your cricket enclosure or container clean.

Terrific treat for larger reptiles. Be sure to keep superworms between 70 and 80 degrees. A container the size of a small cat pan works well. Use a screen to ensure adequate ventilation. Aspen bedding works well for a substrate. Keep about 2 inches of bedding in the superworm container. As a water source, you can use the cricket bites or a piece of cucumber works really well.

Keep an eye on the bedding and add more if needed. Completely clean and replace the bedding once a month.

A fatty treat for reptiles, waxworms require little care but the right temperature is critical. They should be stored as close to 55 as possible. That’s warmer than most refrigerators. Breeders say the butter tray is the best place to store your container of waxworms if you are using the refrigerator, but check the temp. with a thermometer. If it’s too cold in the butter tray, then it’s better to do room temperature. Waxworms live off stored fat so they do not need food or water. Be sure they are stored in a low humidity and that their bedding does not get wet.

Mealworm containers need several airholes. The worms should be kept at a temperature between 42 and 55 degrees.

Oatmeal is a good bedding for mealworms as they eat their bedding. Cricket bites can be used as a water source or a small piece of apple or cucumber works OK too. Remember, superworms do not like cold but mealworms don’t mind it as long as it stays near 42 degrees.

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