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The earth seems to be coming alive with foods that the body is craving to help it cleanse, tone and build on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.  We need to pay more attention to what is around us; what is ready to be eaten; and how to recognize and prepare what is in the wild for us.
Enjoy the sunshine and go for a walk to create a wild crafted salad that will be both cleansing and healing for your body.  Let’s take that walk and see what is available.

In the deep woods, the leeks are showing green everywhere you look.  Leeks are a very high sulfur food to help the body cleanse itself from old accumulated mucus.  Dainty white and pink flowers are poking their heads out from under old leaves showing the promise of hepatic root.  Hepatic root is supportive to the liver and the cleansing of old toxins.  Spring beauties are covering the forest floor to be used in salads to help cleanse the blood.  Trout lily leaves in our green salad are refreshing to the muscles.  On the edge of the woods we find dandelion greens that are high in iron and a great diuretic for the dissolving of excess waters in the deep tissues. Here we also find day lilies to add for Vitamin A that helps keep the immune system healthy as the “garbage” is leaving the systems.

Intermixed with the lilies are strawberry leaves to give some Vitamin C to help stir up and loosen mucus.  Cleavers grow close to the buildings and will also help to dissolve mucus buildup.  Do not forget to check out your own gardens from last year as the parsley, thyme and kale can be added for digestive support.  Even digging up the jerusalem artichokes and shredding them on the salad will help to support and sooth the kidneys as cleansing is taking place.  Making a salad dressing from garlic, oil, lemon juice, yogurt and honey will ensure the body is supported while eating this high cleansing salad you have created.

Be sure to pick herbs for a cleansing tea to finish out the meal.  Herbs like mullein, blue cohosh, hepatic and burdock root will make a tea that gives the body extra energy for all the cleansing that needs to be done.  This tea will clear mucus from the sinus areas, lungs and lymph systems.  It will help the spleen get rid of all the toxins that have accumulated over the winter months.  Most important, it will cleanse tired blood from the body as a whole.

This is just the beginning of the herb-picking season.  As each new herb is ready for the picking, so too, the body is ready to work on another part in its healing or staying healthy process.  With herbs, the body will not always be behind in its healing, but will get ahead of the game. As you cleanse, you should not feel bad, maybe a little tired, but a good, healing tired.

What are the next herbs to be ready?  Keep going for your walks.  Observe carefully and become a part of your surroundings. Feel the changes in nature and the gifts it has in store for you.  Do not bother when the weather is at its worst, for nature is doing its own cleanse at these times.  Rather, feel the beauty it has to offer on a sunny, clear, blue-sky day.

On June 11, we will have an herbal walk to help you learn what is just outside your doorstep.  Call 607-842-6863 for more details on all the classes coming up at Beth’s Natural Way.

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