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New office location in Cortland, NY

Hello Cortland, I have been a Psychiatric NP for 12 years. I  am opening a new office at the 1890 House Museum. I am  also fortunate in my role on the Executive Board at the  Museum. This last year we re-purposed an underused room at  the House. This room is now available as a rental space for the  community. 

I have had a private practice in Ithaca, NY for 12 years. Upon  working with the 1890 House I have come to really love the  Cortland Community and I have begun to offer services. I will  be in my Cortland office on Wednesdays. As a NPP I  diagnose and treat mental health disorders like depression,  anxiety, and ADHD. I am not a therapist but within the  context of your sessions with me we will set treatment goals  that include building coping skills, sleep hygiene, distress  tolerance etc. based on your individual needs. 

I work with ages 18-65 years old. Different age groups require  different needs and specialization. I am sorry I do not work  with individuals outside of these ages.  

The only insurance I bill directly is Aetna. All others will be  considered self pay. I am unable to take individuals with  Medicaid or Medicare even if the client wants to pay out of pocket.  

For additional information or to make an appointment  contact me either through my website or email:

I look forward to serving your community.

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