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Finger Lakes Microd Club – A Great Place to Start Your Racing Career

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The Finger Lakes Microd club has been around since 1983 and has given 803 children a chance to learn how to race a Microd during their 42 years of existence. There was a time in their history they were known as “The Finger Lakes Driving School” because most children that go there had no driving experience when they started. A second advantage for families was “You didn’t have to Own a Microd” to participate in the program, families could rent one for the summer.

First is costit’s affordable, it only costs $545.00 for a full season that includes the Microd car & motor rental, insurance, and other club expenses.

Second, flaggers that are willing to explain mistakes to drivers, because how do you get better if you don’t know what you did wrong.  

Third, atmosphere, a parent doesn’t have to have a great working knowledge of mechanics in order to compete, because members help each other when there’s problems. Families help each other working on Microds. 

Fourth, the club offers a chance to Try-out. Where a parent can bring their child and let them try driving a Microd for 10 laps or so, at no charge, before deciding to join the club or not.  

Fifth, all cars must weigh-up to the heaviest car – driver combination in their class, and drivers draw chips each week to see which motors they will get. These last two principles are designed to keep the playing field as level as possible and allow drivers to concentrate on developing their confidence and driving skills.  

The Finger Lakes Microd Club Track is located just off the corners of Routes 38 and 34B, and is the sport of Microding’s Premiere Facility. The club track offers a picturesque setting with all of its beautiful shade trees, lush landscaped lawn, and well kept buildings. A fine setting for you to spend time with your family and friends.  Another nice feature of the club is that they are inclusive, meaning they have Microds with hand controls, to accommodate children with disabilities. Read more about our Club Goals and program for special needs kids on our web pages Racing is for both Boys & Girls ages 5-17. If you would like to schedule a try-out call (A.J.) at 607-898-3313. For more information see our Website: The emphasis is on parents spending time with their children, interacting and helping other families, in a nice atmosphere doing an activity everyone enjoys!

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