Hair by Neysa

Hair by Neysa

Posted by  //  February 4, 2024  //  Local Business

115 Main Street, Moravia

Fades are my favorite! I love doing flattops and grooming beards too! 

I have had a very unconventional career in hair. At age 16, I started out in a family salon and quickly gravitated to men’s haircuts which became my specialty. I have had the privilege of learning from old school Italian barbers, as well as the more updated military cuts and Black & Hispanic barber shops too.At one point I worked exclusively doing haircuts for kids with special needs and sensory issues. I also worked cutting hair for ROTC, the VA and a few nursing homes.

My focus is healthy hair. I don’t think we need to spend hundreds of dollars and several hours to look better. Self acceptance is very important. Our hair is affected so much by our stress, work environment and habits. The food we eat, things we drink and meditation we use can also have a profound effect on our hair growth. Covid, cancer, heart issues, chemo and pregnancy can also significantly change your hair for a long time.Hard water is very common in this area so finding the right shampoo and conditioner can really be a challenge but it’s worth taking the time to reduce the frizzy, dry, poofy hair that it can cause. The treatment for an itchy, flaky, dry scalp is easy and very effective as it’s not always dandruff that’s the culprit. 

Hair will come and grow but finding a place your whole family can hang out, feel comfortable, and learn about themselves, that’s real customer service.

My goal is to create a very relaxed, casual environment. I love walk-ins and you don’t need an appointment. I like to make life easy. All forms of payment are accepted. Mens haircuts are $20. I can usually stay late if needed too. I greatly appreciate every customer that walks through my door.

By age 20, I had lived on 4 continents which gives me a unique perspective.

For me hair is just a platform to learn about people. In this crazy world, it’s good to know we aren’t alone. My focus is on mental health and advocacy has become my main goal. 

Every day I strive to provide old school customer service that exceeds your expectations. I really enjoy kids who sit in my chair and talk about their favorite cartoons, teenagers who tell me about their day and men who talk about work. I love being part of the community. To be honest I was nervous when I opened my shop in Moravia during Covid, but I have found people here to be welcoming and accepting. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity. I look forward to meeting you and serving this area for many years to come.

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