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K&K Music Entertainment

Posted by  //  September 12, 2023  //  Local Business

The story of K&K Music Entertainment begins with two fundamental loves, the first a love for each other, and the second, their love for music.

Kimburlee Jo Stewart and Kevin Oriol met the old fashion way, at a dive bar in Endicott NY.  She introduced herself to him, he bought her a cocktail and, although the rock band was quite loud that evening, they managed to talk all night.  They found that they had many things in common, both were returning college students, both liked the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle (albeit a drink or two on weekends) but most of all, they shared a fierce love for music.  Kevin learned that Kimburlee was a Yoga instructor working towards a PhD in Psychology and Kimburlee found out the Kevin was a musician, just finishing a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy.

Fast forward to a year later, Kevin came up with the idea of starting a DJ & MC service.  “I had been playing bass guitar for bands in the area (and still does) but wanted to branch out and try a different avenue for music”.  He continued, “A few of my NYC, musician friends had dabbled in DJing, so I thought I would give it a try”.   After weeks of practice, he asked Kimburlee if she wanted to be an MC.  “At first, I absolutely refused!” exclaimed Kimburlee, “I did not want to get up and speak in front of large groups of people, but Kevin insisted, reminding me that after I finish my book on mental health, I may have the opportunity to speak publicly.”  When they began to think about company names, it was Kimburlee that came up with K&K Music Entertainment and the tag line “Making beautiful Music Together”.

This “dynamic duo” has been the rising talent in the Southern Tier, private event space. They specialize in wedding celebrations but also host birthday parties, anniversaries, school dances, and even memorials.  When asked about memorials, Kevin said “it’s such an honor for us to perform at such an important event.  We gather the music, that the person honored loved, and play the songs in an order that we think fits the sentiments.  It’s the greatest honor when family and friends say that it is as if we knew the person being honored – there’s no greater compliment.”  Kimburlee adds, “and we take the same approach to our celebrations. Throughout the planning process, we really try to get to know our clients and deliver their unique vision of their special day.”

K&K still have a few 2023 dates available but, for the most part, are looking towards the 2024 wedding season.  Kevin said, “Couples can preview who we are and what we offer on our YouTube channel”. He continued, “Folks can visit youtube.com/@kkmusic607 and watch not only our wedding recap videos but us being our normal, goofy selves. We love each other and love what we do”.

Reach out to K&K at (917) 696-5606 or via email at info@kkmusic607.com.

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