Ithaca Bangs EMS

Ithaca Bangs EMS

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By Jaxyn Boyce

In 1945, Bangs Company officially opened as an Emergency Medical Service. A family-owned business, John and Rita Bangs continued to manage the funeral home and operate Bangs Ambulance. The hearse was used to transport patients, but ambulances were found to be more efficient. John and Rita’s son Tim Bangs, currently works for the Bangs Ambulance company along with Tim’s two daughters Courtney, and Meghan. They continue to serve the Tompkins County community.

Responding to 911 calls, employees of Bangs Ambulance assist with life-threatening calls. These issues include heart attacks, strokes, car accidents and flooding rescue, overdoses, and trauma-related injuries. Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advanced Life Support (ALS) are often needed. Other skills specified are; oxygen administration, spinal stabilization, and vital sign checks. Open 24/7 the workers are a quick-response team. As a private organization, providers are either EMS or Paramedic personnel based on experience and training. Bangs is associated with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). These employees are on standby in high-risk scenes to assist firefighters. All EMS providers are CPR, First Aid, and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) certified. Patient treatment expands into community relief.

Public training is offered to the Tompkins County community. There are in-house CPR and First Aid instructors. Co-involved with the Fire Department, Bangs Ambulance teaches bleeding control, public and child safety, among other life-saving techniques. These informational sessions are in schools, fire stations, and the Cayuga Medical Center. Additionally, there is stand-by coverage at local events, in case of an emergency. Recently, Bangs Ambulance was seen at the Cornell Campus, Ithaca College, and the Grass Roots Festival. 

Now, educational training for Basic Emergency Medical Providers age has been lowered to high school and classes are offered through the Boces Program. For those interested, there is a ride-along program to shadow paramedics on their day-to-day assignments. However, any age after that can apply to the general requirements listed by the Bangs Ambulance Company. It also mentions the employee benefits of becoming a Certified Ambulance worker. 

In Ithaca, there are two locations, one is for administration services, and the Ambulance response team is a separate building. The first is at 205 West Green Street, and the second is at 626 West State Street. To speak with billing services their number is (607) 277-4911. The dispatch line is (607) 273-1161. On their website,, there is a contact form for all other inquiries. To learn more about the history and public service provided Bangs Ambulance has separate sections on their website for extra information.

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