Country Moose is Growing and Doing Well

Posted by  //  March 5, 2023  //  Local Business

The Country Moose has enjoyed serving and waiting on customers in the shop for more than eight months.  Each week, the shop has grown and expanded, taking in new vendors and accepting consignments.  Over the past several months, many new and old items have come in and customers have enjoyed stopping by and picking out that special item that they have been looking for or that one of their friends or family collect and are missing.

We have grown a lot over the past months.  Our craft vendor spaces have been completed and filled.  We have a couple spaces available for rent and look forward to filling them to crafters that will enhance and add to the business.  Our most recent addition to the craft vendor space is a batch of plasma ironworks that are absolutely beautiful with items that relate to the country atmosphere and are a lovely addition to any home or camp.  Also, several wood burned signs have been added, many of which are ones that touch on the humor of life and tickle the funny bones of the customers coming into the shop.

The Country Moose has also had many new additions of antiques and collectibles, to include jack knives, clocks, uranium glass, UC Shultz & Dooley steins, many sizes of vintage saw blades, and glassware, as well as an unbelievable antique hallway settee in pristine condition, from the 1880s.  This oak settee is unremarkable and one that would display beautifully in any country home or high end homestead.

The Country Moose is also preparing for the upcoming Potato Festival, coming up on Saturday, September 16th.  The Richford Plaza will be hosting the prestigious country band, Tailor Made, starring Tink Bennett.  The band will perform on the sidewalk of the Country Moose and will entertain the folks attending the Potato Festival.  Folks coming to the Country Moose and Richford Plaza can bring their own chairs, beverages, and enjoy an afternoon of great music and entertainment.

If you’ve never heard Tailor Made, they will be entertaining folks with their country music at Poor Shots on Saturday, April 8th, from 8-11pm.  Poor shots is located on West Creek Road, just off Route 79, 1/8th of a mile on the left.  Come listen to this great and entertaining band, full of fun, energy, and excitement.  It will only endorse how eager you might be to come and enjoy their performance at the Potato Festival.

The Country Moose is happy to be a part of the Richford Community and are eager and willing to participate and help encourage and inspire the town to thrive and inspire new ideas and events.  We are also a member of the Northern Tioga County Chamber of Commerce, and support the Richford Historical Society. 

Once warmer weather breaks, the Country Moose will have several sales on the sidewalk of the Plaza, with sales of a plethora of goodies, from glassware, clothing, antiques, collectibles, tinware, and host of other items. Each weekend, weather permitting, the Country Moose will have a canopy adjoining the sidewalk, with tables, and several sale items.

Come and enjoy shopping among the many items that the Country Moose has to offer.  We are always on hand to provide a better price, and work with you to give you an item that you can take home and be happy that you got a good deal.  We are open Thursday through Monday, 11am-7pm.  

If you have something that you would like to sell, or put in the shop on consignment, please contact Dawn at 607-280-9750.  She will gladly appraise your item and let you know if it is saleable, and display it in the shop.

Stop by the Country Moose.  There’s something here that you will enjoy checking out.  We’re here for you and have something for everyone!!  Come visit the Country Moose!

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