TLC EMS Interview: First Responders

Posted by  //  February 20, 2023  //  Local Business

By Jaxyn Boyce

In September of 1991, TLC EMS, located in Cortland County, was founded by David Butler. It has continued to operate and can be recognized by local billboards and logos. Not to mention their acknowledgment in the community for being hardworking and patient. After speaking with the employees they could all agree on one thing: the importance of the human connection. This isn’t a high-paying job and it has a lack of state funding from New York State, but this doesn’t stop them from going above and beyond on every call they receive. TLC EMS has a special place for senior citizens in the community. 

Speaking of Cortland’s community, first responders often plan and organize events and training. With their volunteer programs, they plan to educate the general public on basic first aid that could save a life. In addition, they assist the fire department, youth groups, and girl scouts. Equally, EMS has its hand in events like the pumpkin festival, dairy parade, and the annual Cortaca celebration. Suny Cortland health services are also reinforced with their medical training. Additionally, there are booths where people can get a check-up. Cortland EMS’s goal is to educate and grapple with New York State laws for better treatment of emergencies and people.

To better explain, dispatchers will typically respond to 25 and 30 calls a day. First responders not only provide medical treatment but supportive care as well. More time is spent with first responders than with any other medical professional. This gives one on one time with a patient who may be feeling lonely. The elderly are at the highest risk of loneliness and that’s why it’s so important that people take the time to listen to their life stories and give hands-on treatment. Cortland first responders value this and understand that senior citizens are entrusting them with care and being in their homes.

Notably, a majority of the elderly are afraid to come forward. Having heard the phrase, “I don’t want to be a bother” over and over, paramedics reassure them that it can be life-saving. Even if it is not an emergency, Cortland paramedics provide health and wellness checkups that include taking: blood pressure, glucose monitoring, and other services that would take a week to check at a doctor’s office. Frequently, these employees will examine all aspects of the person’s quality of life. This could be checking food resources, access to medical care and prescriptions, and transportation needs. Often senior citizens are at the most risk for having a lack of accessibility to required needs. Cortland EMS takes this information seriously and refers patients to the Cortland County of Aging to deliver important resources. Simple gestures that go a long way for Cortland paramedics are fluffing pillows and supplying blankets to make their time more manageable and comfortable in an emergency. An important point was made that, “there is no I but we instead.” This shows that it’s a team job and you have to be a team player. Finally, all first responders in Cortland County go the extra mile to make the local community a better place.

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