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A New Adventure in Town

Posted by  //  January 13, 2023  //  Local Business, News

By Tabitha Scoville, Cortland County Historical Society Director

Are you looking for something different for your kids to do? Have you been to all the usual places? Would you like to share a unique and fun experience with your children?  If so, you should check out the NEW hands-on history room for kids at Cortland County Historical Society! The Then & Now Children’s Room was created to give kids the opportunity to learn more about the past through the power of play. 

Your kids will travel back in time when they step inside the miniature store and log cabin at CCHS! Here they can touch and use antique and reproduction pieces to learn more about what life was like 100-200 years ago. The store is currently set up as a general store where kids can “shop” for necessities and luxuries, but it will change to a different kind of shop in the coming months so kids can learn about other kinds of stores from the past. The log cabin lets your children experience what life was like in 1790-1810 when white settlers first came to Cortland County. If your kids (or you!) enjoy reading Little House on the Prairie books, our log cabin with a “working” fireplace will become one of your favorite places to visit!

Watch your kids pretend to collect eggs from the chickens in the farmyard, cook over an open hearth, or shop and socialize at the general store. There they can play a friendly game of checkers, just like folks did back in the day. The store allows kids to either be the shopkeeper or the customer. Your children will learn more about how and why Cortland County was settled, what hardships early settlers experienced, and how the towns and villages we know today grew over time. 

New activities and learning opportunities will keep your family coming back for more fun! Not only that, the Then & Now Children’s Room is located right down the road from Suggett Park and the Frosty Caboose (which will reopen in the spring)! When your children visit the Then & Now Children’s Room this month, they will receive a coupon for a complimentary ice cream cone to use at the Frosty Caboose when they reopen! Coupons are limited, so be sure to bring your family in soon.

We are excited to share stories from Cortland County’s past with you and your children through the Then & Now Children’s Room. New activities and learning opportunities will keep your family coming back for more fun! 

The Then & Now Children’s Room is currently open Wednesdays from 1-3pm and Saturdays from 12-5pm. There is no admission fee. The activities are best suited for children ages 4-6, but all are welcome. Visit for additional information or call us at 607-756-6071.

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