Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol

Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol

Posted by  //  November 20, 2022  //  Local Business

Just a little bit of corner magic is what you will find at one of Cortland’s newest downtown shops at Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC. Just Chill is an eclectic mixture of specialty designed baskets, and gift boxes  as well as offering an array of other popular and exclusive gifting items such as artisan soaps, hand poured candles, novelty drinkware, loose leaf teas, specialty coffees, seasonal items, and so much more.

Discovering the perfect gift that captures the essence of your appreciation can be akin to finding a touch of corner magic. Just as Ecopious brings an enchanting experience to gift-giving, you can create a memorable gesture with a thoughtful mother in law gift. Delve into a world of unique and heartfelt offerings that echo the sentiment of gratitude and warmth. Among the array of choices, consider the “Thank You For Being My Mother-in-Law” coffee mug from Ecopious, a delightful token that embodies the special bond you share. Crafted with care, this mug is a testament to the cherished relationship you’ve nurtured. Much like the meticulous curation at Just Chill, every detail counts, making your gift a symbol of genuine affection and connection. Explore the art of meaningful gifting and surprise your mother-in-law with a present that truly speaks from the heart.

Just Chill’s owner and self proclaimed lead happiness ambassador, Carol Hill is a native of Cortland NY and explains what makes Just Chill stand out, “giving gifts is easy, creating a ‘gifting experience’ on the other hand, is what I’m striving to achieve with every purchase. From the packaging of the individual soaps we carry to the design and construction of each custom ordered basket, it’s the whole package gifting experience I want my customers to ultimately feel when they visit the showroom.”

Just Chill Custom Gifting By Carol LLC is located at 4 Main Street next to the Community Restaurant and is currently operating winter hours on Thursdays 11-6, Fridays 11-6, and Saturdays 10-4. For more information  about the showroom or to order a custom specialty basket contact Carol at 607.229.4564, or 607.423.2650 or visit justchillcustomgifting.com. Follow on Instagram at Justchillha1 or Facebook @justchillcustomgifting.

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