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No Daddy Racing Here – The Finger Lakes Club Keeps Microd Racing Affordable

Posted by  //  August 4, 2022  //  Local Business

When the Finger Lakes Microd Club Started 39 Years ago, its main focus was to keep the cost of racing at a level that any family with children could afford. To this day F.L.M.C. is the least expense of the 6 microd tracks to race at.  How expensive is a microd to buy?  Less than $1,500 if you want to own, or you can rent one for $100.00/season instead.  Club fees to race a full season are between $350.00 and $400.00 per season. Everyone rents and uses a club motor, and all motors stay at the track! No one takes them home and monkey’s with them. The kid’s (ages 5 – 17) draw numbers each week to see which one they get that week.  We also have limits of what you can do to the microd’s to keep from becoming a “who can spend more money” contest.  All in all the system we have in place has worked very well all these years. Admission for the whole family is always Free!  And everyone is Welcome!

For Family’s thinking of joining the club, the cost of racing is very affordable ($480.00/with microd & motor rental) for a full season. Our track named: Little Wheels Speedways is located just east the corners of Rts. 38 & 34B, and in this picturesque setting with all of its beautiful shade trees, lush landscaped lawn, and well-kept buildings. We would also like to let everyone know our Club is Inclusive: What we mean by that is: We welcome any family with a child that has any kind of special needs. The club owns Microds with hand controls, to accommodate special needs children. Read more about our Club Goals and program for special needs kids on our web pages or Facebook at “Finger Lakes Microd Club.” For information or to schedule a try-out call (A.J. Burgess) at 607-898-3313.

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