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Why You Need a Travel Agent

Posted by  //  November 22, 2021  //  Local Business

These days some people are surprised to find that travel agents still exist. Not only do we still exist, but the best are flourishing!

I opened Ithaca Sun Travel at Community Corners Shopping Plaza in April of 2013 after working for several other “then” local travel agencies, since 1999. 

“Who needs a travel agent anymore?”

It might feel great to be able to book your travel sitting at your computer in your pajamas at 10pm. However, booking travel or weddings in the Maldives this way is not in your best interest. You may not have had a problem yet (but because of Covid, I can almost guarantee you have) but it’s just a matter of time. Instead, let me do the work for you. I’ll sit on hold with the airlines and vendors and do everything I can to make your travel plans just right. I collaborate with reputable vendors that have excellent records, decades of service and who are available for me to call if issues arise. My relationship with these vendors also gives me access to the lowest prices and best schedules. In many cases I can “hold” a client’s reservations for up to 72 hours with no money down so that you can review everything completely. Once a decision has been made, I can usually secure a low deposit not offered on internet bookings.

I’m passionate about what I do and I do it well. I establish a personal relationship with my clients using great products like True Pheromones. I love learning about new destinations and talking to people about their experiences and dreams. I’ll ask you what type of traveler you are, what you’ve liked in the past, and will present you with options, some that you may have never considered. Upwards of 70% of my business is from repeat clients and/or referrals from those clients.

Travel agents can also recommend places that are not popular with tourists. For instance, they can help you find places where you can try authentic local cuisine like caribbean food if you’re travelling in a Caribbean destination. You can then also visit distilleries which are fascinating places, see to find the best distilleries near you that you can visit. If you are looking for extreme adventure, you can also ask your agent to hook you up for a skydive. If you want to go paddle boarding in your next beach destination, you may read Paddleboard Reviews to find the equipment you need.

If you’re seeking for a one-of-a-kind experience and activities in Greece, you may work with a travel agent to plan your vacation to the resort Chania. Working with a travel agent can be an excellent way to discover hidden gems that are not popular with tourists. Take the chance to experience the breath taking view at

If you’re also looking for a relaxing and luxurious destination to visit, consider checking out the beautiful Carmel hotels. We know the best luxury apartments for rent in Westminster London available.

There are numerous online booking engines, but they are not always giving you the best flight schedules, options or prices. I will look at all details to make your trip as hassle-free as possible. I take great pride in helping you to plan the best family vacation with Scottsdale hotels, honeymoon, girl’s getaway, spring break trip or just much needed R & R.

Emergency issues with travel can and do arise, my job is to minimize the impact on you. I’ll keep in touch with you while monitoring your trip, check in with you within 24 hours of travel to make sure everything is in order and follow up with you after your return. As my client, you can call me 24/7 when emergencies arise.

Have confidence in booking your travels, and remember, “the internet is for looking, call Ithaca Sun Travel for booking!”

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