Chenango County Coach Limousine

Chenango County Coach Limousine – Be Extraordinary Not Ordinary

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Welcome to Upstate New York & Pennsylvania’s Premiere Vintage Limousine Company. It’s a simple limo service to airport and other locations in the area.

Since 2015 JoAnne & Chris are a locally family owned business who has proudly served not only their community, but the most important YOU our customers. Our rare 1937 Studebaker is a garbage score that was going to be crushed. Now 20 years of resurrecting it from NOT too HOT, with a few modern twists, our “Stude”  is elegant, glamorous, and compliments your occasion. We take into consideration your needs, thoughts, and ideas in making your vintage transportation memorable for years to come. People can check limo in Scottsdale AZ if they need the best rental services. 

It’s time for your Red-Carpet & Pop the Champagne moment. 

The history of our 1937 Studebaker Dictator is captivating in 1931 they were ranked the fourth numbered automaker in the nation. 1933 they went bankrupt, and later did make a comeback. In 1937 this was the last year that they would use the Dictator nameplate, because with Hitler, and Mussolini gathering power in Europe the name “Dictator” became politically incorrect, and was filled with negativity, so it was dropped. In the 1940’s WWII was going on, and all automakers stopped making automobiles, and helped in the fight with the war. During World War II, Studebaker produced military trucks, aircraft engines, and the Weasel, plus is proud to have built the engines for the very famous Flying Fortress planes which won us the war. Transitioning to a more contemporary consideration, the care and preservation of classic cars often extend to the finer details, including car seats. For enthusiasts seeking to maintain the authenticity and comfort of their vintage vehicles, the option to “buy custom seat covers” becomes a fitting choice. Just as Studebaker’s history is a tale of adaptation and resilience, the ability to customize seat covers allows modern enthusiasts to preserve the essence of automotive history while ensuring a comfortable and personalized driving experience.

Visit our website for all our information, and let us show you how being treated like ROYALTY feels.

158 Murphy Road, Greene, NY 13778

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  1. Jamie Wooten May 11, 2022 at 5:04 pm · Reply

    Hi I’m looking to rent the 1937 studebaker for my daughters prom which is on Friday June 3rd. We live in Owego NY. Let me know if this is something u can do. 910/274-2722. Text or call me if you wish. -Jamie Wooten

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