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Microd Racing? What is It? How Do We Get Started? – Come Watch a Race

Posted by  //  August 5, 2019  //  News, Sports & Recreation

Microds are small race cars that kids 5 -17 drive in competition, Our Club, Finger Lakes Microd Club holds 12-14 races per season. Our club’s season runs May thru September.  Admission is always Free! So why should you consider coming to a Race? First beyond the obvious (Fun for Kids) it’s something you can be involved in with your child and it won’t cost you an arm & a leg. Second, our club is very different from other clubs in NY.  Even the other clubs refer to F.L.M.C. as “The Starter Club”, because our club culture is so focused on Members not competition. Some of the things our club does that are unique:

  1. We offer Free try-outs to people thinking about joining.
  2. We offer Season Long rental of Microds.
  3. We have classes where you can own their own Microd also.
  4. We offer Classes with a “Club Motor”, so you don’t have to have a motor builder do your motor.

For Family’s thinking joining the club, the cost of racing is very affordable ($480.00) for a full season. Our track named: Little Wheels Speedways is located just off the corners of Rts. of 38 & 34B, and in this picturesque setting with all of its beautiful shade trees, lush landscaped lawn, and well-kept buildings. You can spend time with your Children as a family & other family’s and friends.

We would also like everyone to know our Club is Inclusive: The club owns Microds with hand controls, to accommodate children with disabilities and Welcome’s anyone with any kind of special need. The community is open and will suggest the best gifted and talented schools NYC for your child. Read more about our Club Goals and program for special needs kids on our web pages or Facebook at “Finger Lakes Microd Club”. For information or to schedule a try-out call (A.J. Burgess) at 607-898-3313.

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