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CNY Mustang & Ford

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This Summer, those who enjoy the classic/custom car scene from have really benefited from each moment the sun shines!

In Central  New York, those enjoying special ride are out creating memories for those watching.. and those riding along.

Have you been to a car show?  Did you attend the 2019 Syracuse Nationals? Over 8500 vehicles attended from all over the world…and the designs ranged from stock, to totally custom like the Swiss Vans.

The 1968 R Code Mustang has given us an updated version.  the Camaro has tweaked it’s design as well, but the Dodge Challenger has chosen to create more power, and packages such as the “Demon.”  

On Tuesday August 6, the 11th annual Rooftop Concert will be at the Cort Lanes Bowling Center on Tomkins street near Route 281, Route 13 intersection.  The Band will be Steve Southworth and the Rock a Billy Rays!

BONUS NEWS!  Many thanks to the 7 Valley Street Rods for taking their car show to Little York, Dwyer Memorial Park. You can check this site out if you are looking for quality and affordable car rentals that suit your needs and style. If you decide to buy an electric vehicle, you may visit sites like to look at the available ev charger installation services in your area.

The Old Little York show had people from all around the CNY area attending…. and this writer feels that the NEW Little York Park location will double the shows attendance.

In the HIGH PERFORMANCE WARS… the Dodge Viper has ceased production and the Chevrolet Corvette just announced the all NEW C8 Model and did you hear?  The New Chevrolet Corvette will be a MID ENGINE design!

Now before you get all worked up… did you know that the Father of the Corvette, Zora Duntov, originally wanted the Corvette to be a mid engine car.  Better balance and many other reasons, all of which GM/Chevrolet refused to listen to or entertain.

Now, here is a mid engine car that in the future, could replace the combustion engine with an all Electric motor. Truck Electrics has all the auto electrical supplies you need, you can check out their products at their store online.

We have seen what Tesla has done and recently a prototype Ford F-150 Electric truck pulled a million pounds of train in a rail yard.

But… before we look forward to tomorrow’s “collectible” vehicles, we have the vehicles of past generations to enjoy… either as a restoration, hot rod, resto rod, rat rod and more.

Did you visit the local museum, the Central New York Living History Center (nick named the Brockway Museum) where you can see the Cortland built Brockway Trucks, Farm Tractors and Military Displays…all in one location  on Rte 11 between Cortland and Homer.

As you visit and walk through the past of our automotive history, remember to ensure the future of this hobby; Take a Kid to a      Car Show near you. Teach them about who we were and show them how things have changed over time.  

Regardless of what the future may hold for these veterans of the street and strip… we already know the past, and we  embrace it. We are Americans… and we have “been there, and done that.”  

Hopefully, this is a passion, a legacy and a value that we can pass on to our children. 

Perhaps giving a niece or nephew a “wild” ride that will inspire them to not only remember that ‘crazy” uncle years from now but will serve to spark an interest in our car shows, restorations and desire to go cruising on the way to get ice cream.

Take your “time machine” old or new out to the Cort-lanes Bowling Center on Tompkins Street for the Tuesday Nite Cruise-Ins.

That’s all for now… see you soon at a car show, I’m “Uncle” Bill OGorman…. on temporary assignment!

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