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Longsrun Construction and Landscaping, Plus LLC is a new business, multi-faceted, solely owned, in Southern Tier New York and Better Business Bureau accredited.  We began with retaining walls and excavating as well as year round firewood and snow plowing and snow removal besides material hauling, then added lawn care. Since then very durable versatile floor toppings, both interior and exterior application of home remodeling, has been added.  The material used for the topping can be clear or pigmented to offer an artistic sense. This includes numerous applications, hence the term versatile, such as in preserving or creating new homes for people to call there movers so they can see their new countertops, patios, walkways, driveways, garage floors, basements, steps, swimming pools, and much more. 

In the realm of building and construction, securing a supplier who can provide tailor-made concrete solutions is a cornerstone of project management. For those looking to delve deeper into this process, a detailed explanation on the workings of on-site mixed concrete provisioning can be immensely helpful. This knowledge is instrumental in ensuring that every mix is perfectly suited to the structural requirements of the job at hand.

Our lawn care services incorporate much more than simple mowing, it includes Slam Plumbing as well – view the page for more details on the same.  We mulch, fertilize, edge, trim, prune and trim shrubs and trees – have a peek at these guys, besides their removal and planting.  We do debris removal due to storm damage and otherwise. Hydroseeding and roto-tilling is also available.  We do our best to manicure your yard. However during heavy snowfall you may be needing the help of a good snow removal company like residential snow removal services to do the job for you.

We can beautify the rest of your property by solving drainage and contour problems, putting in or repairing retaining walls, and bulldozer work as well as concrete work and pavement services.  We put in driveways and walkways, do road work, pressure wash, apply blacktop and concrete sealants. Your house may need gutter and roof work or a simple gutter and roof cleaning services similar to Roof Cleaning in High Point NC

A regular roof clean is the best solution to your roof problems and can prevent many stressful issues in the long run. A good services like Roof Cleaning in Texarkana TX will help you achieve it!

Longsrun Construction and Landscaping, Plus LLC is fully insured and provides quality services.  There is no job to small for us. Call us at 607-206-4936 to discuss and schedule your needs with us. We do that as well. Scaffolding companies in Dubai can help if you have a project in the Middle East.

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